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About Yoann Mylonakis

A Life steeped in Sound and Motion

Music, Dance, Cinema, among other art mediums, have the power to transport us to another time and place as much as to connect us all to our most intimate essence, to individually or collectively exist, bringing us a different experience of life. It is crucial to harness that power with a broad audience  and passionate creators alike. Ever since a young age, Yoann Mylonakis has found meaning,  joy and satisfaction being involved in the creative process; here is the sharing of his experience. 

Feel free to take a look and to have a listen to get to know more about his work.


  • WITHOUT (2019, short film):


  - Crystal Pine Awards Nominee, Best Original Score in Short Film at the 

     International Sound & FIlm Music Festival 2019 (Pula, Croatia)


  - Bronze Award, Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival  2019 (NYC)

  • TOMORROW (2017, short film): Best Music Semi-Finalist, Los Angeles CINEFEST 2017

  • CLOSE TO THE BONE (2017, short film): Collegial Best Sound/Music Award at 

       The Scottish Short Film